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Setting up your BTimer Server

Next, you need to use the Edit Race button in the App, and fill out the following information about your server. If any of this is confusing, you should ask your web hosting provider or an IT professional for assistance. They should be able to provide you with everything except the SQL Table Name, which can be any word you like.

PHP Script URL: This is the web address of your server, and the location of your PHP scripts

SQL User Name: This is the user name for accessing your SQL server.

SQL Password: This is the password used to access your SQL server.

SQL Table Name: This is the name of the SQL Table where your race data will be uploaded. If the table does not exist on your SQL server, the App will try to create it. If the SQL User Name you provided does not have sufficient permissions to create tables, you'll get an error. If the table already exists, the App will just add to it. For best results, you should use a different table name for each race.

SQL Server IP Address: This is the IP address used to connect to your SQL database.

SQL Database Name: This is the name of the SQL database, as used to connect to it for queries.

If you wish to use the server feature of BTimer to automatically upload your laps as they are recorded, you’ll need to set up your server.

First, you will need a web hosting service that provides you with PHP support and a SQL database. Next, you need to upload these two PHP scripts to your server. Click each one to see the text of the script, which you can then copy and paste to a file on your web host:

BTimer Web Server
This allows you to see your lap data from a web browser, in real-time.BTimer_Web.html
BTimer Lap Server
This is what connects to your iPhone/iPod Touch and records the laps.BTimer_Lap.html