BTimer: Web Server

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PHP Script for the BTimer Web Server

The file listed below should be copied to your web server, wherever your PHP scripts normally go. It MUST be named “BTimerWeb.php” on your server.

Before uploading the file, you’ll need to set the variables for IP address, username, and so forth. You’ll find them at the top of the script (see below) with comments explaining each. These are essentially the same values you put into the App when you set up your Lap Server.

Once it’s on your server, you can use the following URL from your web browser to see your lap data in real-time:



    MyServerName is your web hosting address

    MyPHPScriptLocation is where you put the BTimerWeb.php script

    MySQLTableName is the name of the SQL Table for this race that you entered on the Edit Race screen in the App.

Here’s an example of what the final result looks like, when set up properly: [B-Team Lap Data Screenshot]