GATE: Quick Start

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Quick Start

Click your robot (the white ball) to look inside it. Once inside, you can build a circuit using the Soldering Iron on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. As you progress, you'll unlock new components that will help you solve bigger problems. Click and drag the Soldering Iron between pins to connect them. Output pins (straight) can only be connected to input pins (Y-shaped).

There are components around the edges of the screen when inside the robot. These are built-in parts, and you'll connect these to your circuit in order to control the robot. There are four thrusters that move the robot in different directions. There are also four bumpers which detect walls (on contact) in each direction.

Once you have a circuit you like, test it by pressing the Power switch in the lower right. You'll see the robot moving, and you can watch your circuit respond to the environment. For a different view, you can also close the circuit before hitting the power switch. Once you turn off the power, the robot will reset to the starting position so you can try again.

In the first few levels, tutorial arrows will guide you along.

Most things have tooltips- trying hovering your pointer over things if you're not sure what they are.

You can move components by left-dragging, and rotate them by right-clicking on them (or control-clicking for one-button mice). You can delete components by dragging them back to the toolbox at the bottom.