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Parkade is a puzzle and simulation game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you've always wanted to be a petty overlord of a local slab of asphalt, then Parkade has what you're looking for!

Beam Chess is a two-player strategy game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. If you've always thought chess would be cooler with lasers, then give Beam Chess a try!

GATE is a digital logic puzzle game that will test your planning, forethought, and resource management skills.

If you're fascinated by orthogonal lines and rocket engines, this is the game for you! Available for Mac and PC!

Coder Calc is a scientific calculator for the iPhone and iPod Touch that is tailored just for programmers.

If you've always felt calculators needed shinier buttons, then Coder Calc is what you've been looking for.

GeoDoodle lets you use the world as your canvas. As you travel, you can draw shapes in different sizes, colours, and thicknesses. If you’ve always wanted to be a great artist, but Global Positioning is your only tool, then GeoDoodle is for you!

BTimer is a simple lap-timing tool for endurance auto racing. It records your laps, and uploads them to a server so you can get real-time race results in your pit area. If you love racing, but hate paperwork, give BTimer a whirl.

Trucks & Skulls is the physics puzzler you’ve been waiting for! Smash NITRO-BURNING MONSTER TRUCKS into piles of GIANT SKULLS! If that sounds entirely too cerebral for you, then perhaps another product would better meet your needs.

SpellCraft School of Magic is all the excuse you need to wear a pointy hat. If you’ve been trying to become a student wizard, but that certain school won’t return your calls, then sign up for SpellCraft School of Magic and get your spell on!

moomat is for people who just can’t get enough of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Find all the amazing ways our pop culture is interconnected. Do you know which celebrities have served in the military? Do you know every cameo on The Simpsons? moomat does.

Animal Legends will scratch that isometric itch, then soothe it with a balm of furry creatures with unlikely names. If you just can’t get enough quadruped anthropomorphization, then Animal Legends is the game for you. Say hi to Hank for us!

CultureScout is an entirely new way to experience the connections in pop-culture. If you ever wondered how many songs make Fred Astaire references, or just want to know who that voice in the Simpsons was, CultureScout has you covered.

Olloclip is a photography app to compliment the olloclip 3-in-1 lens system (a cool accessory for your iPhone and iPod). The app allows you to correct barrel distortion and pincushion artifacts interactively, in real time. If you think barrels are only good for shooting fish, then give olloclip a try.

The ICEdot Crash Sensor is a system for athletes to measure G-forces in their helmets. When a G-force above a certain threshold is detected, an emergency contact of your choice is notified. The ICEdot app communicates with your Crash Sensor using the cool new Bluetooth Low Energy technology. It’s like having a guardian angel in your pocket, if angels had lithium ion batteries.