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Have you ever thought, "If I ran the world, parking would be slightly more convenient." Who hasn't, right? Well, dream no longer. Parkade is here!

Parkade is a puzzle and strategy game that has you designing and managing parking lots. You'll need to plan your layout, manage your money, and keep an eye on the moods of your annoying-but-necessary customers. It's a quick, light game in the "sim" style that you can play any time you have a few minutes to kill.

Parkade is about flow. You must keep traffic moving smoothly, and minimize jams that make people angry. You also need to plan ahead as conditions change in the world around your parking lot.

This game is quick to grasp, but deep and difficult to master. Can you build a better parking lot? Play Parkade and find out!

To buy Parkade, visit the iPhone App Store, and tell 'em we sent ya. Thursday is ladies' night!