• Veronica – F18A Font

    Shuffling bits for fun and profit(?)   Last time, we got the F18A physically repaired and running off Veronica’s power supply. Things seemed to be working okay, and I could [more]

  • Veronica – F18A Baby Steps

    One step back, two steps forward.   If you’ve been following this Put-An-F18A-In-Veronica drama, you know that we had some very light early successes, followed by an emotional rollercoaster of [more]

  • Veronica – Transceiver Strikes Back

    THIS IS FINE.   After the incredible success of our last bit of work on Veronica’s F18A, I was very excited to get started on the software to talk to [more]

  • Veronica – Transceiver Repair

    Do not go gentle into that good night.   Just when things were starting to go really well on the Put An F18A In Veronica plan, well, I fried an [more]

  • Veronica – F18A Control Signals

    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. With our recent success in remembering how to do address decoding, it was time to look at the [more]

  • Veronica – F18A Address Decoding

    Bridging The Gap   As you probably know if you’re the kind of person who follows this blog, the 6502 CPU (the 1970s chip around which Veronica is based) talks [more]

  • Veronica – GPU Strikes Back

    Time for our girl to learn some new tricks.   If you were to ask me what questions I get asked the most in my life, the list might look [more]

  • Veronica Down!

    For the first time ever, our girl didn’t show up for work.   Veronica has been making the rounds of makerspaces, conferences, etc lately. She has been through more airports [more]

  • Veronica, Patreon, Hack-A-Day, Oh My!

    Quinn meetsĀ Hack-A-Day. Thousands dead. Film at eleven.   Let me open this post with a bit of administrative news. I’m now a Patreon Creator! For those of you who are [more]

  • Veronica – KansasFest!

    Have 6502 Will Travel.   I wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be bringing Veronica to KansasFest this year. In addition to having the machine around for people to [more]

  • Veronica – ROM Monitor

    Booting into a useful state.   A common feature of 1980s computers is that they booted into a useful state. This was one of the main things that separated them [more]

  • Veronica – Case Improvements

    Making Veronica fit for the open road.   One of my earliest goals for Veronica was to be able to take her places. Perhaps a Maker Faire, or a hackerspace [more]

  • Veronica – Input Board

    Keyboards and gamepads and ports, oh my!   With Veronica’s input systems working in prototype form, it’s time to get it all installed in the case. The first step in [more]

  • Veronica – Gamepads

    Adventures with 40 year-old chip bugs.   It seems like every Veronica project I start is “a pretty straightforward thing that shouldn’t take too long”, which then turns into a [more]

  • Veronica – Keyboard

    Some Input to go with all that Output.   There are moments in a big project like this that really stand out. Those moments where it all seems to come [more]

  • Veronica – Round 1: Fight!

    Making RAM and EEPROM play nice together.   If you had told me ahead of time how much trouble the RAM board would cause, I would not have believed you. [more]

  • Veronica – RAM Board Redux

    Just when you thought it was safe to call yourself Turing-complete.   Veronica seemed to be humming along nicely with her new RAM, and I was chugging away on her [more]

  • Veronica – Backplane 2

    Minor growing pains.   Veronica has developed a minor problem. She’s outgrown her backplane! When I started this project, I thought a fair bit about how big I should make [more]

  • Veronica – RAM Board

    Making our girl Turing-complete.   It suddenly occured to me that Veronica is missing something rather important which is needed to be called a “computer”. RAM! With all the chaos [more]

  • SBC Cross-Development

    Cross-developing on homebrew 6502s and other single board computer projects.   Over on Veronica, things have progressed to the point of needing some fairly substantial amounts of 6502 code to [more]

  • Veronica – GPU Recap

    By popular demand.   Housekeeping Note: I’ve added a new column on the left that groups Veronica posts together. If you want to follow this entire project, they’re all there, [more]

  • Veronica – Hello World!

    Just when you thought it was safe to render.   If you recall from last time, I had Veronica’s GPU board all built, and successfully receiving sequences of commands from [more]

  • Veronica – VGA Board

    Making Veronica’s video permanent.   Now that the video board seems to be working, it’s time to make it a real PCB so it can be installed on Veronica’s backplane. [more]

  • Veronica – GPU Interface

    It’s been a long time coming.   It’s been quite an odyssey getting to this point. One of the tougher challenges I’ve encountered so far on this project is setting [more]

  • Veronica – Macro Assembly for AVR

    Coding in style with open source tools.   I need to take a quick segue here to talk about the toolchain I’ve been using to write the GPU code for [more]

  • Veronica – Friendship Is Magic

    Getting the VRAM to play well with others.   The next step in getting Veronica’s VGA board up and running is setting up a way to share the contents of [more]

  • Veronica – VGA Dev Board

    Taking stock and making plans.   Sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to take a step back. When last we met Veronica, she had a VGA signal generator [more]

  • Veronica – VRAM

    Video memory for our girl.   I considered subtitling this article, “adventures in breadboard noise”, since that’s what I spent most of my time dealing with. In any case, let’s [more]

  • Veronica – VGA Generator

    Bit-banging a VGA signal generator.   Computers aren’t very exciting until they have a display of some sort. Well, I suppose if you’re at Bletchley Park trying to crack Enigma [more]

  • Veronica – Enclosure

    A little something to keep the mice from eating Veronica’s wires.   Well, I finally got back to working on Veronica, but this project is less Steve Wozniak and more [more]

  • Veronica – ROM Board

    ROM board with built-in EEPROM programmer.   It seemed so simple. The best ideas always do. However, sometimes the smallest problems end up taking the most time to solve. There [more]

  • Veronica – EEPROM Programmer

    An onboard way to program an EEPROM, or fake one.   Well, now that Veronica is up and running in real hardware form, she needs some real ROM to play [more]

  • Veronica – CPU Board

    A real copper home for our girl.   Now that we have Veronica’s backplane mostly sorted, we have everything we need to move the 6502 itself off the breadboard and [more]

  • Veronica – Backplane

    Time to get serious.   Well, Veronica is alive, and running code that we can put (very slowly) into memory. So far so good, but something has gotta give. It’s [more]

  • Veronica – ROM Emulator

    Real memory!   If you recall from last time, we got Veronica to perform a free run by NOP-ing her way through a phantom memory space.   Well, the next [more]

  • Veronica

    Veronica.   Now for something a little different. I was first exposed to computers back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Suffice it to say, placing my hands on [more]

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