• Lathe – Oil Change

    Everything needs a little love now and then.   We’ve been pushing the lathe pretty hard lately, including turning some things that are definitely pushing the capacity limits of this [more]

  • Lathe – Brass & Aluminum Pen

    New techniques, new tools, new materials, oh my!   This project builds on all the previous lathe articles in this series in order to make something genuinely special. This will be [more]

  • Lathe – Scribing Tool

    New materials and new techniques.   Now that we’ve learned how to grind HSS tool bits, some really nice new avenues open up to us. One of those avenues is [more]

  • Lathe – Grinding tool bits

    An easy method to get started.   High Speed Steel is wonderful stuff. With all the talk these days about carbide insert tooling, and online sellers practically giving away brazed [more]

  • Lathe – Magic Tube

    A second fun project to amaze your friends.   We’re going to build on the basic skills from the steel ring project, such as tool setup, facing, drilling, and turning. I’ll [more]

  • Lathe – Steel Ring

    An approachable first project on the lathe.   Another post so soon? It’s true, Blondihacks posts never come this quickly in sequence. We average about once a month around here. That’ll [more]

  • Lathe – Getting Started

    From a dream to first chips   If you’re interested in making things, and particularly metal things, you’re on a road that eventually leads to machine tools. Machine tools have a special [more]