• Johnny – More Button Repairs

    Pinball machines have a lot of switches, and they fail a lot.   What’s this? Another Johnny repair article so soon? Well, like many complex electro/mechanical systems (cars, robots, robot [more]

  • Johnny – Start Switch Repair

    Sometimes a simple repair gets all kinds of weird.   A couple of months ago, a good friend was over and wanted to play some pinball. “Great,” I said, “I [more]

  • Johnny – Three Repairs

    A glove, a drop target, and a matrix, oh my!   Pinball machines operate in a special realm where the normal laws of physics don’t apply. In this realm, complex [more]

  • Johnny – Ramp Switch

    To make progress, sometimes you have to make tools.   My scores haven’t been great on Johnny lately. An outside observer might suggest that perhaps I suck at pinball. I, [more]

  • Johnny – LED Controller

    Making Johnny smooth and suave once again.   Back when I converted Johnny over to LEDs, I mentioned that there are some downsides to putting LEDs in an older pinball [more]

  • Johnny – Dot Matrix Display

    Now we’re getting serious.   This article is gonna be a long one, so grab a beverage (careful, man!), and put your feet up. I decided it’s time to tackle [more]

  • Johnny – Connector Repair

    A problem waiting to happen is no longer waiting.   I recently cleaned up and relocated the battery box on Johnny, because some previous owner had let it go to [more]

  • Johnny – Battery Box Relocation

    All your base are belong to us.   Every aspect of a pinball machine is a compromise between durability, cost of manufacture, serviceability, and the limits of technology. The seemingly [more]

  • Johnny – LED Conversion

    Let there be light!   An increasingly popular modification to pinball machines is to convert the lighting system to LEDs. These machines typically have 100+ incandescent bulbs in them. In [more]

  • Johnny – Diagnostic Panel Repair

    Pushing Johnny’s secret buttons.   Every pinball machine from about 1980 onwards (the solid-state era) has a diagnostic control panel inside it. This is a set of buttons used to [more]

  • Johnny – Crazy Bob’s Flasher

    Getting Crazy Bob open for business once again.   I recently diagnosed and repaired a flasher lamp on Johnny Mnemonic. It was a simple fix, but illustrates the basic process [more]

  • Johnny – Cyberglove Rebuild

    Somebody give this man a hand!   You just knew I was going to make that joke at some point, so we might as well get it out of the way [more]

  • Johnny – Quick Fixes

    From boat anchor to booting game.   When Johnny arrived at my house, he was a 325lb plywood boat anchor. He didn’t boot up at all. The main reason is [more]

  • Johnny

    A new toy to tinker with and hack on.   Today I’m starting a new series of articles here on Blondihacks. Similar to Veronica, this will be a long form [more]

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